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Friday, 18 August 2017

My Unfashionable Cancer Marathon

I've written about my love of running in this blog and since I laced my trainers back up a couple of years ago I've run over 600 miles. I also took part in a two races a while ago 5 & 10K which raised my enthusiasm for competitive running. However, apart from regular road runs I've not entered any more races, until now.
With my 50th birthday looming in December this year and March 2018 marking the 5th years since my kidney cancer diagnosis I thought it'd be a good time to run a marathon. I've entered London 2018 but know that I may not be successful in the ballot so will enter another if I don't get in. Along the way I will be taking part in the Birmingham Half Marathon on Sunday October 15th.
I began training properly for these longer distances back in May but have only just got my charity page up and running. For this challenge I will be fundraising for two charities; Facing up 2 Kidney Cancer and Kidney Cancer Support Network. This way monies raised will go to both kidney cancer research and direct patient care, both vital in the fight against this disease.
Having just passed my 4th year ct scans with the all important No Evidence of Disease there's never been a better time for me to go for it. The incentive to pass the 5 year finish line has seen me take on some serious lifestyle changes. Apart from running I now attend regular yoga classes and my diet is healthier than it's ever been.
With the goalposts ever moving I don't intend to rest easy once the 5 year marker is here, however if I can run 26.2 miles I can face just about anything. For those patients just starting this journey and others whose diagnosis isn't as hopeful as mine fundraising is so important.
You can donate via my Total Giving page, all money goes directly to the charities all 100% of it, no hidden fees.
Thank you X